Yatin Industronics

Yatin Industronics

 We can’t understand the pain of Business owner who is stuck at the same turnover from the last 10 years and could not cross 1.5 CR even in the last 30 years. 

Though we don’t take any brand below 5 CR turnover and after talking to Jayesh, (founder and CEO of Yatin Industronics, Who makes induction heating machines)

We couldn’t stop ourselves from helping them. 

Within 6 months we were able to turn the tables and achieve what they have never achieved. They closed the financial year at 2.5 CR turnover which is 60 % above their last year. 

Main challenge we found is not in the lead flow but how those leads are being nurtured and why even after meeting people are not getting closed. 

We worked on training their team for sales and helped them create a sales pipeline and follow up mechanism. We also worked on the existing client database and created several ways to nurture them and get in touch with them and Bingo, without investing more money we were able to increase the sales of the company to 160 %. 

Either we can sit just like that and wait for some magic to happen to our business or we take the help of leading industry experts having 15 years of experience to scale our revenue profitably and achieve the valuations which we deserve. Choice is ours.

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22 Feb 2023 - 12 Mar 2023

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