Sunrise Watertanks


How a Tank Manufacturer is beating the biggest players in their own game. 

Company Name: Sunrise WaterTanks 

Founder Name: Suresh Kamath 

Syntax, Plasto. These words come in our mind when we first hear the word Water Tank. isn’t it ? 

Same issue happened with Suresh when he came to consulting. He was not able to beat the bigger brand in pricing and other things although his products were better and he provides better service. 

Instead of Competing with other brands , We created our own segment of helping farmers to save their grains and seeds from Water, Air and Insects so that they can re use it for next cultivation. Our manufacturing cost did not increase that much but profitability increased to 1.8 times. No one ever focused on this category and that is how we capitalized on it and created massive demand in the market.

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22 Feb 2023 - 12 Mar 2023

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