How Dr jinendra made 15 CR in 3 yr

Company name : Soul temple 

Client Name : Dr Jinendra Jain

Have you tried yoga or meditation in the past ?

If the answer is “Yes”, I am pretty much sure you either went to youtube for free and did that, or went to yoga sessions physically by paying 2 to 4 thousand per month . isn’t it ?

That is the perceived value of yoga or meditation in our country. 

Who imagined where yoga, meditation and self healing is taught for free or less than 1k, Jinendra jain who is a self healing expert can make 8 CR in 2.5 years with selling his workshop from 12k to 6 lakh INR program as well. 

The main challenge was his positioning in the market. He was positioning himself as a general expert as happiness coach 

We converted that positioning to Food psychologist and Self Healing Expert. We organized an online workshop of 3 hours teaching people how to live a medicine free life and boost immunity by overcoming food addiction especially in lockdown. People were quite interested in the topic and we ended up selling our 6 day online workshop of 10k + GST. That is how we helped him build his Level 1 Level 2 and other programs in Soul Temple Company. 

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22 Feb 2023 - 12 Mar 2023

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