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Business Loan Provider Scaled his firm from 2.5 Cr to 5.5 CR within a year. 

Company Name: Balaji Credits 

We cut the call whenever we listen to the loan word. That is what maximum loan providers do in india. They buy data from Somewhere. And then hire the Calling team to do the cold calling team. And we all know how people treat when they get a cold call. Because we are trying to reach people to get our services without proper nurturing them and giving value . That is called an outbound mechanism to get the leads. 

We converted his positioning and put him in front of the market as a MSME Finance Expert. We helped him organize the workshop specially for Manufacturing business owners and trained Deepak in public speaking, Presentation and Sales in the workshop. We helped him to create the presentation and worked on his delivery. 

He Gave value to people for 2 hours and asked people how many people would love to have 1 to 1 with his team and him to analyze their finances and help them get the loan and people ended up paying 7k for the 1 to 1. Complete Business loan spend so much to get the qualifying lead and deepak poddar start getting paid to get the qualifying lead. 

With in a year, he had more business than he could ever handle. 

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22 Feb 2023 - 12 Mar 2023

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ScaleX Solutions is the Delhi based startup which has a vision to help MSME’s in their growth and scaling of their business through Strategic Consultation and mentoring in Product Development , Branding, marketing and sales.