Aero Commattress

Aero Commattress

Women Entrepreneur transforming mattress industry with her grit and determination. 

Company Name : Aerocom Mattress. 

Swati Gupta, a powerful lady taking her Dad’s business to newer heights but when she came to us , she was facing lot of issues related to Building a Brand Trust and awareness in the market and building a solid professional trustworthy network of dealer and distributors. Her Turnover was getting dropped from lot of distributors. 

We again went to the basics. First worked on how their sales team is performing, helped ther create SOP and training mechanism for the sales Representatives. 

Creating a environment through paid marketing to create leads for the brand but not directly closing them instead sending them to the dealers so that their confidence gets build. 

Then we created the plan for Go to market based on the total available marketing budget. We added ATL, BTL awareness campaigns. Created Infleucer driven Digital Videos and Product and Case Studies. We promoted it on digital Platforms to build trust and awareness among people. 

All these activities Subsequently ended up giving the desired results to the brand and Their Sales Increased within 3 months of consulting. 

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22 Feb 2023 - 12 Mar 2023

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